Update Log

23.6.2024 - v 1.5.0

News: Planet Sagada, Character Harley, in the Military Professional edition, Equipment in the Military Professional edition
Improvements: Simulation of plant movement in the wind on the planet Florane
Fixes: Fix for the accept friend invite button, Correct display of reward ads in the store, Additional minor bugs

10.6.2024 - v 1.4.1

News: A short tutorial has been added

Enhancements: An animation of throwing quantum added into already activated teleport, The game will no longer will be interrupted when shortly switched to the background

Bug Fixes: Other minor fixes.

27.5.2024 - v 1.4.0

News: To increase engagement in the game, Heroes now have a limited number of lives set to 3.

Enhancements: Increased resolution quality of the Cyberpunk mask. 

Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug where sometimes after accepting a party game invite, the opponent's character was not visible. The Rune Stone now disappears with the character when teleporting to a planet. The button to use the Rune Stone will now appear at the start of the game along with other buttons. Eyebrows no longer disappear when the character Butch takes damage. All top 10 players now appear on the leaderboard. Removed collision platforms on the planet Florana. Fixed Shield parameters. Other minor fixes.

19.5.2024 - v 1.3.2 (soft lunch version)

News: Total Global Ranking, Best Weekly Trophies Challenge
Bug Fixes: Panels are displayed in the store correctly, Fixed camera jerking when returning via teleport, Infographics displayed correctly during poor internet connection, The inventory panel issue has been resolved

3.4.2024 - v 1.2.1 (final open test version)

News: Planet Radion
New Red Metal Bot
Enhancements: Addition and standardization of equipment characteristics in the shop and other panels. Added button for manual teleportation activation in the game, once the teleport is charged and the character is near the teleporter. Yellow compass indicating the direction to the trophy will now disappear once the trophy is looted. Set up error reporting using crashlytics for easy tracking and fixing of other possible application crashes. Removed tutorial Removed intro - available only through a button in the lobby panel Optimized progress bar when loading data from the server
Bug Fixes: Correction of acceleration information - hero upgrade - now by 5 points for each level. Correction of overflowing text on the missions screen. Correction of fanfare during player level upgrade. Correction of overflowing text in the emblem with the inscription BIO INFILTRATOR. Correction of possible freezing when exiting the game due to unfinished coroutines on non-existent objects. Corrections of labels in the shop. All were labeled as "Military." Correction of party game, where if the invited player switched the application to the background, they would be logged out from the host's party game, but still had it active. Correction of equipment panel, where the player could duplicate character equipment rapidly, causing the application to crash and unable to restart. Correction of blurry background textures on the planet Xeno Alien. Back arrow and home buttons are enlarged and their position optimized. Dialogue elements optimized for iPhone 14. Revised formula for calculating character speed. Correction of bot health bar. Correction of Inventory panel and error when returning from the game with a used stone. Correction of Planets button behavior during Season Battle gameplay. Increased damage for firearms for better equipment balance.