" It's hard to break free from manipulation if you're not aware of it."

It started as an amazing news! At the beginning, it seemed that archaeologists had only found another corridor in the known pyramids. However, with further examination, it turned out that we have discovered something that will radically change our view of the past and the future!

With the help of satellite instruments that enable the examination of the structure of the earth's surface up to a depth of 50 meters, archaeologists have discovered previously unknown underground spaces beneath the pyramids, which could represent a significant historical value.
After creating an artificial entrance leading to the underground chambers, archaeologists continued their research. A group of specialists walked along a long corridor that led to the center of the pyramid, 30 meters deep under the surface. Unfortunately, there was no significant discovery in this part, the corridor was about 150 meters long and was decorated only with inscriptions describing various rituals and deities.
During a detailed analysis, it was found that the inscriptions on the walls of the corridor describe a ritual associated with putting energy collars on people. However, the most interesting discovery was an unprecedented and detailed depiction of a deity resembling a prehistoric lizard with a bowl-shaped head holding a crown. This depiction divided groups of experts into those who believe it is evidence that humanity was once controlled by extraterrestrial beings and those who explain the images only as contemporary symbolism.
However, the human race was truly enslaved using collars, and the inscriptions describe a system that forces humanity to live under certain restrictions or under someone's rule. Under the rule of gods who have power over everything. The theory that began to take shape based on these discoveries and depictions claims that the pyramids were built as interdimensional transport gates. Similar fragments of inscriptions and depictions on structures of ancient civilizations all over the world began to complement the theory. Even more inscriptions show the mining of unknown minerals and their transportation to the planets of the "gods"!
After the discovery of the corridor with inscriptions, a connecting shaft leading to even larger and more extensive spaces soon opened up. This space, resembling a warehouse, contained containers whose origin seemed to be extraterrestrial. The containers were carefully stored in multiple rows and stacked on top of each other. It remains unclear whether this material was merely forgotten on Earth or if our "gods" are preparing to return.
When some of the containers were opened, it was found that they contained intact collars of the same type as those depicted in the inscriptions in the first hallway, along with mysterious quantum stones that were probably mined on Earth. The collars and stones were stored in special storage devices and each container had its own markings, indicating that these artifacts were highly valuable and carefully protected. Furthermore, it seemed that these objects were still functional, suggesting that their purpose and origin may be much greater and more complex than originally thought.
...thanks to these specific quantum stones, we were able to develop new technologies and devices that were powered by energy far greater than we had ever imagined. This allowed us to surpass previous limits of cosmic distances. Additionally, we learned how to utilize new teleportation devices.
Using interstellar search probes, we were able to identify planets that contain similar material as the stones we found in the warehouse. These probes analyzed the characteristic wavelengths emitted from the samples and compared them to those on the planets. As a result, we discovered several interesting and previously undiscovered planets that may be the home of our ancient alien gods. And who knows what else is hiding there.
We teleported our collection bots to these distant planets to obtain the necessary material. Unfortunately, we found that the return mechanisms were damaged, probably due to some error in the teleportation mechanism. In the end, we lost complete control over the collbots.

Your Mission

Help us locate and collect quantum materials, minerals, and stones to bring them back to Earth.