Time for Open Testing

Dear testers,

Thank you for choosing to participate in testing my new game! Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to me in improving the user experience, the quality of the game and mainly it boost me up.

Please take a few minutes to consider the following points that we would like you to take into account while testing the game:

What to expect:
- The game is currently being tested by me and my closest associates on a limited number of devices only. Expect the game to have some bugs as it's still in the testing phase.
- Additionally, the game utilizes an external service for managing multiplayer aspects, temporarily set to accommodate a maximum of 20 concurrent players. In case this limit is reached during testing, access may be restricted.
- Included Ads are in testing mode
- Please note that the game features only the first three levels at this stage

What to test:

Gameplay and User Experience - Evaluate the game controls and interactions. 

Weapons damage balance and expenses - Evaluate the weapons characteristics and costs
Stability and Performance -
Explore the stability of the game and how it performs on different devices
Graphics and Design - Evaluate the graphics, animations, and overall visual design of the game on different devices
Bug Finding and Issue Reporting - Actively search for bugs and issues in the game and report them to me.
Feedback and Improvement Suggestions - Provide me with feedback and suggestions for improving the game in various areas.

Thank you for your cooperation and contribution to the development of our game!

Best regards,

Note: Feedback can be provided directly through the in-game feedback tool or via discord: https://discord.gg/C3NJJ8yFAu

Apple TestFlight

Testing on iOS devices

Google Play

Testing on Android devices and restricted to the Czech Republic